Sunday, February 6, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/6/11

Barbados offers a great port visit and always delivers. We received a premier docking assignment รข€“ deep in the port, which requires us to only walk about 300 yards to the gate and taxis. We have been surrounded by passenger ships, so as they disgorge their thousands of passengers, the Barbados Port Authority opens the red carpet for them. Every shop and restaurant in the Port Duty Free building is open, and about one million taxi cabs are waiting to take as few as three, but many can handle 15 people in one lift to the far corners of the island.

The downtown area is the same as four years ago, a bustling shopping area, offering any consumer good you would need. There are many high-end jewelry shops here too. I don't know if there are any deals to grab-no big anniversaries coming in my house this year! I think the St. James area to the east has changed a little, in that where the public beaches used to be lined with small fishing skiffs; it now has given way to beach chairs and umbrellas. The beach is beautiful, so the restaurants lining Bay Street have expanded their businesses to renting the chairs. I think this captures the segment of the cruise ship crowd that does not want to ride a taxi or bus the 30 -60 minutes to get to the great beaches like Crane.

Tonight is the big Super Bowl, Packers against the Steelers. I can't predict a winner, but I think the men from Green Bay have been on a steady rise in skills and determination, so?

FTV 2/6/11

Our second day in Barbados was just as amazing as the first. Instead of relaxing on the beach for the full three days of liberty, some cadets signed up for a tour or two to explore the island a little better. One of the tours offered is the Atlantis Submarine Tour. This tour is a 45-minute exploration of the wrecks and reefs as much as 150 feet below the surface of the water. On a 50-foot submarine, tourists get to see the vibrant fish and other sea life that are usually shy and hidden from the land-based world.

There are bike tours to see the scenery, an Island Safari tour of gullies and forests in a 4X4 Land Rover, windsurfing, and golf clubs to take advantage of. There are also countless hiking paths, surf and dive shops, restaurants, boat and Jet Ski rental facilities, shopping centers and great fishing opportunities to experience on this beautiful island. Fishing is a popular sport in Barbados. Whether it is deep sea fish such as marlin, sailfish, and tuna, or more local fish such as wahoo and barracuda you will not be disappointed. After a second day with sand between their toes, the cadets are loving every minute of their time spent in this breathtaking country. The next two days have nothing but opportunities for fun and relaxation.


What winds affect the eastern coast of Barbados which results in excellent surfing conditions?

Barbados is part of the Caribbean islands, but the islands are broken up into subsections such as the Leeward Islands. What subsection does Barbados belong to?

What is the proper term for the name of the people that live on Barbados?