Thursday, January 20, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/20/11

One day out of port on the first leg, and we are on training day 10 - or over one third of the training has been delivered. Wow. This is not without forethought however. We find the quicker we can deliver the information to the cadets, the more time they have to let it sink in and better perform on the examinations. Of course, there are a few days of liberty between, but for the most part they do better.

On the other side of the coin, the end of the sea term, when we leave the final port of San Juan we will only have four days and an exam day to contend with while channel fever sets in.

Today, I think that many of the cadets and crew are thinking about Veracruz; so many of the cadets have never been away from home of land for this period of time before. They're sailors now; they just haven't recognized it yet.

If all goes well with the docking tomorrow at about 0830, and then we clear the port officials gauntlet in a timely fashion, the cadets could be walking around the city's central square by 1100. But before that time off they have inspections and a pre-port briefing tonight. I sincerely hope that they listen to the do's and don'ts of a sailor in a foreign port.

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