Monday, January 24, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/23/11

Veracruz on Saturday appears to be the shopping day for the local folks. The streets were packed with people window shopping and the restaurants were thriving. The city's central square is bordered by a government building on one side, the Catholic Cathedral on another, then a busy thoroughfare; and finally a row of restaurants with hundreds of outdoor cafe tables.

By noon these tables were filling, and by 1500 the square was congested with people; street bands; a troop of majorettes with their batons; and hundreds of hawkers selling everything from hammocks to sunglasses to watches. It was fun just sitting there taking it all in.

We sent out two excursions yesterday, when 60 cadets went on a 12-hour trip to Mayan ruins to the south, inclusive with lunch and dinner, reports said it was worth the time, but the bus trip was a little long. Also a group of 25 went white water rafting. Everyone appeared to have a great time.

Another two groups are out today, so we should have offered nearly 200 cadets options to the city. On Monday the marine transportation department will conduct an exchange visit to our ship with the cadets form the local mercantile marine school, and the day will finish with a soccer match.

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