Monday, January 31, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/31/11

Whoa, the end of January already? I know I often comment about how fast these trips go and that may be in direct contradiction to reports from cadets you may know aboard. However, I have always been an optimist about shipboard life - which can be grueling if you have to endure a lengthy voyage or extreme weather. It's easy to feel the anxiety of doing a five month work tour aboard a crude carrier shuttling between Saudi Arabia and Ain Suhkna, Egypt - hot beyond belief (the ice machines can never keep up) and no shore leave. So a six week voyage to the Caribbean with all the ice cream you can eat doesn't sound so terrible.

Yesterday's all-day cook-out was a great day off. The weather was absolutely superb, and besides nearly a ton of hamburgers, hot dogs and spare ribs consumed - I think everyone got a bit of sunburn, and talked on the cell phone to their families and friends at least once, maybe ten times. Chartwell's Dining Services did a great job.

Last night's Mayhem in Mayaquez was a real success. I know that our cadet correspondents will make a full report. Of course, besides some friendly recreation, the event was a fundraiser for Wounded and Disabled Veterans. I know that CDR Kelleher and his staff are quite pleased, and I think the cadets and crew aboard who bought raffle tickets, participated in the auction and bought ringside seats, can be proud of their spirit to give - and to give to such a meaningful charity. Off toward the beautiful island of Barbados later today.

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