Sunday, January 30, 2011

FTV 1/30/11

Many people have been curious as to what Mayhem in Mayaguez entails. It is held on the second Sunday at Sea as a celebration of our Sea Term so far. During Mayhem in Mayaguez, we have our regular Sunday at Sea cookout however we dust off our inflatable, jousting equipment. This equipment features a large cushion with two giant, three foot wide pedestals to stand on. From here, cadets will try to knock the other off the pedestal with large 'Q-tip' like instruments.

First, each of the four divisions picks one person to represent them, they battle it out and the division that wins gets bragging rights for the rest of Sea Term. We have a main event as well. One sophomore against one of the Chartwells employees will battle it out for the second time. There is also a raffle that happens during this event, each ticket is $5. The prizes are all regimentally appealing; such as inspections off, extra days in port and excused watch/offloading for back in Buzzards Bay.

The prizes are tempting however buying a raffle ticket is not just about the prizes that the buyer might receive, but more of what the buyer gives. The proceeds from the raffle tickets go towards the Wounded Warriors Charity which assists disabled veterans. These funds will help our disabled veterans enjoy a better life as they return home wounded from military operations overseas. Last year, the proceeds from this raffle went to the Haiti Relief Fund.


If every person on the ship bought a raffle ticket, how much money can we give to the Wounded Warriors Charity?
When did the Haiti earthquake occur last year?
How many days are between Vera Cruz and Barbados?

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