Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inside the Ship!

Just about anyone can drive up to the T.S. Kennedy and look at the exterior. It is the cadets and staff that are going on sea term this year that have the pleasure of calling the ship home and experiencing the life at sea. Inside the ship, there is an assortment of different spaces available: a mess deck, cadet laundry, berthing for all of the cadets, library, gym, sick bay, classrooms, ship's store, barbershop and a galley. Many cadets like to hang out in the common areas of the ship such as; the seatorium, fantail, forward boat deck, and helo deck.

The ship is a network of decks and space. Quite often, one will find a freshman wandering around looking for the right destination or for someone who can point them in the right direction. The schematics are hard to get used to at first, but within a few short days everyone knows them like the back of their hand.

Check out the Deck Plans in the link column on the right or by CLICKING HERE!!

Todays Questions: Use the Deck Plans to answer todays questions.

1) Name the 8 decks of the T.S. Kennedy?

2) What is the length overall of the T.S. Kennedy in meters? (Hint: 1 meter= 3.281 feet)

3) What deck can you find the Quarterdeck on?

4) How many lifeboats does the T.S. Kennedy have?

5) How many people in total can the lifeboats on the T.S. Kennedy hold?

6) When and where was the T.S. Kennedy originally built?

7) If the T.S. Kennedy travels at maximum speed for 2 days, how many nautical miles has the ship gone? (Hint: Distance= Speed x Time)

8) Research Question: If there are no power lines at sea, how would the T.S. Kennedy make its electricity?

Answers will be posted in tomorrows FTV blog!!

We were pleased to host the second and last group from Hanson Middle School today. The cadets who were around these students the past two days were very impressed with their knowledge and maturity during the tours.

Until Tomorrow,
1/Nicholas Lauria and 3/c Joshua Lamm
FTV Coordinators

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