Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 8th

Good afternoon everyone,

Today the deck and engine cadets have been preparing for the start of our trip tomorrow by taking care of mantinance and making sure our vessel is in ship shape. The atmosphere on board can be described as a controlled eagerness to set sail as the last semesters hard work is finally bearing its fruits. This morning the 4/c cadets finished thier along side meetings, and are spending the afternoon doing a rigorus cleaning of the Kennedy by sweeping the decks and polishing the rails. This mornig we awoke to a slight dusting of snow on the ship, one more reason to look forward to warmer climates. On Thursday and Friday evening liberty was granted to all aboard the Kennedy. Division one and two on Thursday, division three and four on Friday. This liberty is given to the cadets to stretch thier legs, perhaps have a last meal at home, and to get any items that they relized they need after spending a few nights sleeping on board.

1/c Nicholas Lauria and 3/c Joshua Lamm
FTV Coordinators

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