Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Captain's Blog 2/16/11

The voyage plan to skirt the major depression has been working out well, as we enjoy a smooth ride with a very gently roll. Sleeping weather as they say. But for the cadets there will be little time to kick back and relax - tomorrow is the final training day, and Friday heralds the final phase of examinations. To add to the stress, for the first class cadets, deck and engine, are the oral and practical assessments that must be completed while on the senior cruise. Sadly, if they fail to complete them on sea term, they simply have no other opportunity between now and graduation.

Nothing more too exciting to talk about, least wise for landlubbers, but for me we have an exciting milestone this afternoon at 1400 when we (finally) depart the Wider Caribbean Special Area. At that time we will be able to dump biodegradable trash into the ocean once again. Ah, the seafarer's life can be made more exciting by the apparently least exciting events!

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