Thursday, February 10, 2011

FTV 2/10/11

Our short voyage to Puerto Rico is almost over. Tomorrow morning we will be arriving in San Juan, our last port. San Juan has old world charm in keeping with its Spanish heritage. Cadets are excited to see what San Juan has to offer. Tomorrow, we have what is called a passport parade. This is a part of the U.S. Customs check that our ship and all on board have to complete. Last night, all cadets and crew filled out a Customs Declaration so the U.S. Government knows exactly what is coming back to the United States. They do not want any food, especially exotic fruits and vegetables, to come back in case they are invasive.

A U.S. Customs Inspector will be on board, typically in the ship's library, where he or she will be checking to make sure that everyone on board has a United States passport. A passport is essential for getting into the United States for obvious identification and security reasons. This inspection will take a few hours in the morning but it is absolutely essential so the lost time in port causes no hard feelings. Upon completion, we will be heading off to explore San Juan for four fantastic days.

There are many places to go in 'both San Juans'. There is a great deal of history in Puerto Rico that is very interesting not to mention the shopping areas and beaches. Also, there are quite a few excursions that cadets could sign up for ahead of time in and around San Juan. Some of these excursions include horseback riding on the beach, catamaran/sailing trips and other tours. The weather as always will be warm and the days will be easy and relaxing..
Tonight is our pre-port Captain's Inspections and briefing. Tomorrow through Sunday, we will be in San Juan then we are headed back home. 11 Days until Buzzards Bay.


What will we have to do with our clocks after San Juan to synchronize them with Buzzards Bay?

What is the official language in Puerto Rico?

What is meant by there being '2 San Juans'?

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