Friday, February 11, 2011

FTV 2/11/11

The weather is warm with an ever present gentle breeze, so most cadets are headed to the beaches that are close to San Juan. There are 365 beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico to choose from when deciding where to have fun in the sun. Many of the beaches are in close proximity to where our ship is docked in San Juan.

Four of the many beaches have been designated by the Foundation for Environmental Education as being the top four most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. These beaches are called "Blue Flag" beaches. They are chosen based on a checklist of 27 criteria that need to be met which include: water quality, trained staff and availability of public facilities. Balneario de Carolina is one of the beaches that is considered one of the top four. It is a government-maintained beach that is lined by tropical palm and almond trees. Another beach to consider would be Balneario de Escambaron which is also on the list of Puerto Rico's "Blue Flag" beaches. This is a popular surf beach where the waves wash up on the honey-colored sand.

There are coconut palm trees that surround the beach as well. Two more beaches that are in the area are Playa de Ocean Park and Playa del Condado. These beaches are fantastic as well. The surf is a little more intense than the previous two but swimming is still encouraged. No matter what beach cadets decide to spread their towels down on, relaxation and enjoyment are a guarantee.


How do you say "beach" in Spanish?

What side of Barbados was the surf too intense to swim (east or west)?

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