Friday, February 4, 2011

FTV 2/4/11

We said our goodbyes to Vera Cruz ten days ago and here we are, the day before our second port. Everything remains business as usual but it is readily evident that the cadets are excited about the next liberty port. We will have our second Captain's Inspections tonight as well as our pre-port briefing. The inspections are the most thorough inspections we have during Sea Term, they are held the night before every port.

After the inspection, all cadets will report to the helo deck where everyone will be informed on what is expected of a cadet while on liberty in Barbados. The plan is to tie up in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados at 0700 tomorrow morning. Liberty will be granted as soon as the ship completes customs. We are docking on the south side of Barbados where the white sand beaches beckon to all cadets and crew alike.

It is expected that the weather combined with the breathtaking beaches will aid to the enjoyment of all concerned. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what Barbados has to offer. We are more than halfway done with Sea Term and the cadets are excited about each port as well as returning home.


  • How many Captain's Inspections do we have on Sea Term?
  • What is the eastern most island of the Caribbean?
  • What country was Barbados founded by?

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