Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FTV 2/8/11

As we mentioned before, the beaches of Barbados are exquisite. The island is divided into three main sections, south, east, and west. The northern tip of the island forms a point in which there are no beaches. The southern end beaches are broad and breezy, with delicate white sand, and speckled with tall palm trees for shade. These beaches are protected by reefs; this provides excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities.

The surf can range from medium to high and the winds are a little stronger to the east, this is very appealing to the windsurfing cadets. The east coast of the island is the windward side of the island. This coast takes in all the force that the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. These beaches are long with crashing ocean surf and high cliffs. Swimming on these beaches should be avoided as the currents are strong and the bottoms rocky.

If surfing is your fancy than this is the place to be, it is the east coast of the island that offers the best environment for surfers. When the local inhabitants choose to vacation, they make their way over to the east coast to enjoy the less touristy part of the island. The leeward side of the island, also known as the west coast offers a gentler touch of Caribbean waves. These beaches offer great chances for swimming and other water sports. The western beaches are considerably narrower, during the storm season the erosion can make the beaches slim down even more. The west coast is littered with luxury villas and resorts; this luxurious touch gives it the name 'platinum coast'. No matter where the cadets travel, the beaches will be excellent, beautiful, and definitely different from back home.


What beach on the southern coast of the island is considered one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world? (Hint: rated by the Travel Channel)

How many beaches are on the southern coast of Barbados?

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