Friday, January 13, 2012

Capian's Blog 1/13/12

DATE 1/13
TIME 0700 LT, 1200 GMT
LAT 26-13N
LON 79-57W
C 188
S 11K
RPM 70
SKY 7/8
PRES 1019
AIR 69/65
SEA 70

'Rich man's weather'! When I first started going to sea the sailors would call particularly good weather that name. I don't know where it came from, but is certainly can be descriptive. We have enjoyed it since sailing Buzzards Bay. I sure hope there are no paybacks or repercussions connected to it, but I'll take it. I know everyone aboard will too. Yesterday afternoon the southwesterly wind died down, the sun came out, and the cadets and crew were out on deck enjoying it. I saw the first 'sunbather', and the traditional gallon jug of sunscreen was lashed to the rail on the Helo Deck.

This morning, as I look west at the Hotels lining the coastline of Miami, it is 75 degrees, light wind, slight seas and partly cloudy. It really is pleasant. Plan, plan, plan and then plan again. That is the rule we apply to the sea term. This year we went back to a three divisional rotation for cadets. When we had four division we did three port calls (four days each) and cadets were universally following a two day cycle of assignments between training, watch, maintenance and alternate. Under the three division rotation, we call at four ports (three days each) and cadets see only training, watch and maintenance. The upper classes follow a four day rotation while the Fourth Class do a two-day rotation- solely because they must complete five training elements as opposed to the upper class that have two.

So, our planning involves many short term supervisory deviations from the traditional four divisions- and not without some hiccups. But, the team led by the Commandant of Cadets, with the training coordinators, have coped and adapted by the day. Everyone is getting where they are supposed to be, but with effort. Perhaps in another three or four days all the changes will become automatic, and I know they will, and we'll be in balance once again. Today we'll leave the continental USA, head southeast toward Cuba, and follow the Old Bahama Channel into the Caribbean. More tomorrow.

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