Sunday, January 22, 2012

Captain's Blog 1/22/12

Sunday is kind of like every other day in port - one division works while two divisions go out on liberty. Most of the day workers get the day off. So, it is a lazy day really. But I look around there are still painting parties, the fast rescue boat is down on the water for routine maintenance, and the trash truck will be here at 1300. Work goes on.

The Academy Chaplain, Father Jim Houston joined us in Panama, and has been celebrating mass every night since. Today, as we always do on Sunday, we have the mass up on deck. This morning at 0900 about 50 men and women joined Fr. Houston in the bright sunshine, really hot temperatures, and not a hint of wind. It was really nice, as always, to celebrate the mass out of doors, but it was warm.

So, today the crew can go ashore and watch the Patriots take on Baltimore. Go Patriots! Tomorrow we'll be underway for the Raging Main - the Royal Domain of King Neptune.

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