Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FTV 1/24/12 Cadet Buck in Costa Rica

Golfito, Costa Rica was definitely the cure for everyone's case of cabin fever. Everyone got to get off and explore the surrounding area. Some cadets went on hikes and found waterfalls, laid out in the sun on exotic beaches, scuba dive at world renowned reefs or went on a horseback ride through the rain forest. Throughout the cruise, the school sets up tours where cadets can participate.

Costa Rica's tour was Zip-lining through the rain forest's canopy. Costa Rica is the world leader in canopy tours which allow travelers to explore the rainforest canopy more than 100 feet above the jungle floor. Ziplines are made of steel cables that run between trees, giving the rider a feeling of flying, even though they are securely attached by a harness. The tour consisted of 10 runs that all had different views of the breathe- taking rainforest . Some cadets even made a new friend, as a sloth wanted to join them on the zip line.

There are many beaches in Golfito, but the Zancudo was the beach that everyone raved about as a must see. Zancudo is on the eastern shore of Golfito Dulce bay. The beach is a four mile sand spit that projects from the shore and is covered with a gray sand. For many cadets it was the first time swimming in the Pacific Ocean. After a fun day in the sun, cadets found themselves sitting by the waterside and enjoying the fresh, local food or enjoying the night life with their friends.

All in all it was a great start, now it is one port down and three more to go! Zacundo beach, like most beaches is a marine aquatic ecosystem where the land meets the sea, it is called the intertidal zone because it is exposed to the air at low tide and submerged at high tide. To learn more about the ecosystems of the intertidal zone ecosystem try this activity

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