Sunday, February 12, 2012

Captain's Blog 2/12/12

We arrived at St. Thomas this morning. Once a port we were unable to call at due to the large cruise ship industry, we now are able to call at it because they converted an old Navy base at Crown Bay into a passenger ship terminal. We dock at the West Indian Company dock - WICO at it is called. But it is still a funny port because the whole tourist atmosphere is based upon the cruise ships.

On any normal day there are five ships docked here - and that amounts to over 10,000 passengers. Every ounce of energy given by the local business goes toward them. But today, we were the only ship in town, and you'd think there wasn't any one here. Many shops and restaurants are closed - it looks like a ghost town.

We'll be out of St. Thomas on Tuesday morning, taking the pilot at 0545 - ugh. Another early day for us. But it'll be the last departure for some time as we head north toward Buzzards Bay. A little colder, but home nonetheless.

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