Friday, February 17, 2012

Captain's Blog 2/17/12

The dreaded examination day arrives for all cadets aboard, some will have a whole battery of oral quals and written exams, while the others will just have the orals. Either way, the day will be a quagmire of changing habits as locations like the mess deck and compute lounge are converted into examination rooms. A whole sea term rides on this day for most 1/C Deckies and a very good portion for the 1/C Engineers.

The Third Class will see a less strenuous stack of exams, and the 4/C being tested will have the same as their counterparts at mid-sea term.
The weather is cloudy yet remains warm. We've seen the wind shift numerous times throughout the night as we pass an occluded front and enter a very weak low, registering 1015 millibars. Some ominous forecasts await us on Sunday, and we'll have to cope with some wind and maybe some precipitation. Oh well, the seagoing life!

One Page 2 correction - in sending out the list of Master's Award recipients yesterday I missed one - so although late, he'll get a top billing - 1/C Michael Blasi (America's Home town - Plymouth) Marine Engineer - and acknowledged by the Chief Engineer.

Finally today I want to give a final report on the “Mayhem in Mayaquez” fund-raiser for the Wounded Warriors' Foundation. This year we exceeded our goal of $5K, and tallied up $5,227.47! The relentless efforts of CDR Steve Kelleher and the Comcad staff are the primarily reason for the success - but of course I can't thank enough the pugilistic jousters, generous bidders at auction, willing raffle ticket purchases, and the staff that made generous donations. Thanks to one and all, and I am so pleased to know that over 80% of that money will help support our most seriously injured veterans.

More tomorrow...

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