Monday, February 6, 2012

Captain's Blog 2/6/12

Disappointed and sad might be the best words to describe my mood since about 2200 last night. I like so many of our crew went ashore to see the Patriot's win the Superbowl. And all 400+ of us walked dejectedly (less our Giant's fans in the crew) back to the ship. I could go back to 2008 and copy my Captain's Log I wrote from Golfito - it was almost the same scenario of losing.

Oh well, as sad as I was, the sun rose this morning, the locks are still accepting and discharging ships and we will be departing the dock after 1400 today. We don't know the exact time of leaving, but we'll clear the Gatun Locks in Cristobal at 0040.

It has been a great port visit with all our friends here in Panama. We said good-bye to Father Jim, and welcomed Admiral Gurnon for a few days. We'll now push into the Caribbean Sea - start taking the Trade Winds on the bow as we steer toward the US Virgin Islands. And think, we've only two-weeks of cruise left! Wow. More tomorrow...

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