Monday, February 20, 2012

FTV 2/10/12 MMA Cadets receive a warm welcome home

The T.S. Kennedy returned home to a roaring welcoming crowd of parents, friends, and supporters. As we sailed through the canal early Sunday morning, we were greeted home with the familiar site the railroad road bridge at sunrise. All along the Cranberry Highway, signs were posted to welcome home the cadets.

In closing my blog, I would like to thank all of the T. S. Kennedy's Officers who kept us safe on our journey, their  knowledge of seamanship is without equal. In addition below are the people who day to day kept me happy and comfortable.
 Thanks to:

 Juvy who's bread and pastries are unequaled


Libby, who saw the  entire voyage through  a camera lens
 providing pictures and  entries to the blog

McGee, who always arranged my expeditions in to the  jungles and

Roger, who always made me laugh, and  helped me navigate the ports.

To my Scrabble buddies, helped me pass the long evenings  beating me except for 2 very sweet victories by me.

To my food service guys who always gave  me service with a smile.                                             
Tom Pham who kept my transmissions flowing 

To Sherry and Maureen for always keeping us Ship Shape

 My Zumba Instructor Cassandra, who kept us dancin' and movin' on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
Medical team buddies, who regaled me with  gory medical stories while I was eating my supper. 

Nancy, who handled our paperwork through customs and  immigration

and to Nurse Sharon my new BFF (not pictured here.)

Thank you all, I had the time of my life.

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