Wednesday, November 7, 2012

FTV T.S. Kennedy Supporting Relief Efforts

What a windy day at Mass Maritime!

The gusts from the bay are even stronger with the ship being gone; but through this damp, dreary day our hearts are warm knowing that our training ship being put to use for a good cause. The Kennedy is out supporting the relief efforts where, just about a week ago, Hurricane Sandy devistated many homes in the New York/New Jersey area.

"Kennedy will be used as a floating hotel, providing a safe, clean place to sleep with electricity, hot showers, and hot food for up to 650 rescue personnel (first responders, police, national guard, power company employees, FEMA employees, etc.)."-- Admiral Richard Gurnon, November 1st e-mail to students and faculty, Activation of Kennedy

The ship left Buzzards Bay on November 4th and is expected to serve for a 30 day period. But not to worry! The T.S. Kennedy is expected to return the first week in December, which means Sea Term 2013 is still planned as it was originally scheduled.

There will be plenty of time to prepare for our winter semester-at-sea. Some of the specific jobs have already been delegated to the cadet rates. For example, it is the MSEP (Marine Safety Environmental Protection) rates' obligation to take respirators around to the different companies (1-7) and fit each freshman to ensure that everyone will have a fitted respirator if it becomes necessary. Another job that has been appointed is the preparation of the firefighting gear, which is the obligation of the EM (Emergency Management) rates.

The freshmen are becoming more aware of shipboard safety with their Vessel Familiarization class, and are learning the intricate workings of the engine room with their Engineering System Safety class. However, they have been preparing since day one of orientation with the information spelled out in their Chafing Gear. They already know the Ship's Safety Signals, the 39 Parts of a Lifeboat, and the Steam Cycle. They have had many lectures, and even a whole day of hands on learning, about firefighting. Everyone is prepared for Sea Term and readily awaiting the return of the ship. All that's left is the anticipation to set sail!

I'll keep you posted!


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