Sunday, January 20, 2013

FTV 1/21/213 Chartwells

Chartwell's is the excellent food service that we have at Mass Maritime. But not only do we get great food on land, we get to bring the staff with us on our Sea Term. I got to interview the Chef Jim on some incredible facts about what it actually was that we were on loading day one for the cruise.
Lining up at the Mess Deck

We on loaded:

4500 lbs of flour
2400 gallons of milk
202 cases of cereal (each case weighs 8 lbs)
600 gallons hard packed ice cream
1275 lbs of bacon
3750 lbs of liquid eggs for scrambled eggs
1125 dozen whole
3000 lbs of chicken thigh meat
8640 bagels
4800 hamburger patties
5000 chicken patties for our famous chicken patty Tuesdays

Chartwell's has to re-stock our produce at every port so that we have fresh fruit and vegetables. We spend approximately $300,000.00 on food for the entire Sea Term. They keep the cadets happy, healthy, and full!
Happy, healthy, and full!
Cooking for large groups takes consider math skills. Try these activities to learn how the folks at Chartwells use math to provide plenty of food for the hungry cadets.

Largest Hamburger Ever?
Planning for Snacks for an Event 
Learn more about Food, Nutrition and Math with these activities

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