Saturday, January 12, 2013

FTV 1/12/2013 The Cadets receive a warm sendoff

Today Friends and Family of the Mass Maritime Cadets gathered at Taylor's Point to bid a fond farewell to the crew of the T.S. Kennedy. As the cadets lined up along the ships deck in anticipation of their 9:24 am planned departure the well wishers cheered, took photos, and held up signs of farewell.

The Dock was filled with well wishes at 8 this morning
Last years Cadet wish this years SeaTerm Cadets a good trip
Moms, grand moms, and sisters say good bye.
Moms and Dad see their Cadets off to Sea

Farewell from Friends

Little Sisters sad to see them go.

In any language Goodbyes are bittersweet.

Alicia Tarr will be our Follow the Voyage Guide, she will keep us posted on  all the ships adventures

The Tugboat reminds us that departure is imminent.
Follow the Voyage Students get ready to blog. Hear's how.

On the FTV Blog ( in the lower right corner you will click on ship tracker
The Ship Tracker Screen will appear, you will see a map of Buzzards Bay with little red dots around it. These dots are the ships location for a given day. Beneath the map are links to data you need to record. For example: the tides, temperature, and visibility readings.

  Beneath those links you will see the name of the ship and its current position (longitude & latitude) Using the new position plot the ships new position. Draw a line between the two dots. This is the new distance.
Measure the distance between the previous location and the current location (using the map key) to get the distance traveled for that time period. Using the distance and time period you can calculate the average velocity for the day using the formula  Velocity= distance/time.

Alternatively, you can calculate the distance using this online calculator

Next return to the blog entry and perform the activities suggested.

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