Monday, January 21, 2013

FTV 1/21/2013 Our first port NOLA !

Governor Nichols Wharf 
We made it to our first port! The 4/c and 3/c manned the rails as our trip up the Mississippi River came to an end. We are now docked at the Governor Nicholls wharf  with the "Tiki hut" at the pier and a full watch crew. The tiki hut has the equipment that allows the cadets to scan their bracelets either IN or OUT to determine whether or not we are back from liberty. The first night we got to NOLA, rates without watch duty we're allowed to have an extra evening of liberty!

Crawfish Po Boy
Fried Alligator
My friends and I made our way to a restaurant called Le Bayou where we ate fried craw-fish Po-boys and fried alligator. After dinner we went to Bourbon street to see the sights. Mardi Gras has begun and  everyone is walking the streets with some amazing masks and costumes.

Last night before we got to New Orleans, Captain Bushy called a meeting on the HELO Deck of the ship. He announced that we will be making a port change, instead of going to the Bahamas we will be traveling to Puerto Rico. Changes of this kind are not always avoidable due to the rules and regulations that are required for our passage to other countries. We will now be heading to Puerto Rico, and I overheard that this change will give us up to ten more days of warm weather! 

Well, I'm back out with my friends for some breakfast at the Corner Oyster House ready to eat some Louisiana waffles! More to come about the festivities in NOLA tomorrow!

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