Friday, January 25, 2013

FTV 1/25/2013 Pilots on the Mississippi

It seems that it was only a few hours ago that I woke up and found we were on our way into the city of New Orleans, when in fact we are getting ready to leave. I was waiting with a group of Deckies for the arrival of our pilot boat. The ladders was down waiting for the arrival of the Pilots who would  guide the Kennedy back down the Mississippi River into the Gulf . The pilots hoisted themselves up the ladder, over the gun-whales, and into the ship. 

Two of our pilots were already friends of the Kennedy. One was Pilot Vascha who is the son of Mrs Vascha the assistant matron of the ship and the brother of Mate Vasha also working on the Kennedy this seaterm.  Also among pilots was Casey Crawford's father! Casey is one of the five cadets that have joined our voyage from Texas Maritime Academy. 

As we navigate back down the Mississippi River, I see vast marshlands on either side of the ship. The water seems to be very murky here because of all of the silt that is deposited from up river. New Orleans is now a memory of good food, fun with friends, an great culture.
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