Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FTV1/29/2013 San Juan Puerto Rico

We finally made it to some warm weather! The seas were, once again, quite angry. It felt like a roller coaster ride while trying to sleep. I wasn't on inside cleaning this time, which made the rough seas seem not so bad. After a long night of extreme rocking and rolling, the T.S. Kennedy made it into port. It was kind of funny to see our little training ship roped up next to a huge Carnival Cruise Ship.

San Juan, Puerto Rico is absolutely gorgeous. As I walked the cobblestone streets, I was able to admire the colorful 17th and 18th century buildings that line the hilly landscape. I spent the morning taking in San Juan's cultural aura and looking in the little shops. Instead of heading directly for the Starbucks, I found this quaint little coffee shop where I got the most delicious fresh fruit smoothie! I took a short trolley ride just to catch some sights of where I could plan to go on my next day of liberty. The trolley passed many historic monuments and cultural memorials.The locals were very welcoming.

It was about time that I made my way to the beach. Finally! I took a taxi (with friends, we never travel alone in port) to a great beach called Isla Verde. This beach separates the ocean from the vacation resorts in a less rural area of the island. The aqua-blue waves were great, the sand was warm, and the sun was hot! Cadets took advantage of jet ski rentals and para-sailing. It was just a wonderful day. I plan on going back to Isla Verde to get some more sun and pictures!
Our beautiful sea coasts
How do islands like Puerto Rico form?
Keeping our beaches clean.
Save our beaches.

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