Sunday, February 10, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/10/12

At anchor in Mayaquez Bay in Puerto Rico, enjoying clears skies, light westerly airs and warm temperatures. I know that sounds rude to our families and friends back home as they suffer through a top-ten blizzard. But the topic is dominating aboard - and many of us know that our homes have no power - we actually know more about the storm from our satellite TV system and the Weather Channel. We all hope that the damage from the storm is corrected quickly and that everyone soon has power - and the warmth that comes with it.

Our ill cadet has had an appendectomy and is resting comfortably in the local hospital. We brought back our Paramedic that accompanied him - and have replaced him with one of our Staff Duty Officers. LCDR Ed Pinero will remain with the cadet while in the hospital, and facilitate his travel back to Massachusetts. Ed is the perfect emissary, as he was born and raised on the island - and certainly speaks the language.

Last night we had the first phase of our annual fundraising effort - our chosen charity is the Wounded Warrior Foundation. This involved a weigh-in for the Jousting matches that will occur tonight, and also had an auction of all kinds of 'stuff' like Kennedy Hats, extra day of liberty, and off-load special liberty. I will give a full rundown of our success tomorrow.

Today is 'Sunday at Sea' - well, actually a Sunday at anchor - but nonetheless there is only watch and morning maintenance for the cadets. Our Chartwell's food service provider will turn the Helo Deck into outdoor restaurant for a day- long cookout. A day of relaxation aboard, the cadets can wear MMA leisure gear without fear of being out of uniform.

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