Friday, February 1, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/1/13

We found the Caribbean heat south of Hispaniola. Not a cloud in the sky with light wind from the east. Our speed of 10 knots equals the breeze, making our stack gases rise vertically - it feels like 100 degrees out there in the blazing sun.

Today is exam day one. All cadets will experience some form of examination - most classrooms and lab spaces are occupied. You can tell when they switch from one 4/C section to another because they meander up to the Helo Deck to grab some sun. But the bridge and engine room are lonely as the cadets may leave watch for their exams. Kind of a tease as this afternoon most exams are completed, watches and maintenance will resume, and of course all cadets will be preparing for the pre-port Captain's inspection at 1900 this evening.

Tomorrow morning at 0800 we'll arrive at Montego Bay in Jamaica, discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1494 - and (according to Admiral Gurnon) the island nation was last discovered by Mass Maritime 61 years ago. That sounds about right, as political turmoil in the fifties and sixties were a prelude to when drug dominance began in the sixties - which clearly influenced port selection. I know since I've been at the Academy we often mention the island, but only the last few years have the ports of Rio Ochos and Montego Bay added more piers, which has given us the opportunity to moor for our required three days.

So, our third port, before I know it we'll be underway again off on an eight day island tour before we call at Aruba.

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