Sunday, February 17, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/17/13

We sailed away from Aruba this morning at 0930. A little late as we gave Father Jim the opportunity to celebrate another mass before he climbs aboard a jet to head for the cold and snowy New England weather. According to the long-range forecast we'll also be heading into a snowy Buzzards Bay in another week. But we have a lot of miles between the Caribbean and Cape Cod Bay, and plenty of weather in the way. It is not looking like a comfortable ride, but we'll do what we can to find holes in the fronts and storm centers.

Today is an unusual Sunday at sea - first day out of port. This oddity to our schedule occurred back in November when Aruba Port Authority told us we could not come in for a three day stay unless it was the 14th. So, instead of sailing Aruba on the 15th, we left today. It will be interesting to watch the consumption of burgers and dogs as many cadet will likely take advantage of the day off to sleep after stretching the envelop in port.

So we say farewell to Father Houston and our Chief Steward, Fritz. Thanks for making our trip more enjoyable in two different ways, and have safe travels home.

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