Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/19/13

The major topic of discussion we encounter every year as we head home is the weather. And in many cases the topic is skewed by opinion and rumor. I heard one of my Second Classmen yesterday telling another the he heard we would encounter 40 foot swells. Wow, I sure hope not! But last night did not disappoint the weather watchers (notwithstanding our reception of the Weather Channel 24-hours per day) as we worked our way through Windward Passage. In the morning we had easterly winds at force four- by 1400 it was blowing a force seven out of the Northeast. And blow it did until this morning at about 0400, as we endured a force nine most of the night (41-47 Knots).

I guess Windward Passage lived up the it's legacy. The Spanish fleets that traveled from Europe to the western Caribbean relied solely upon the wind. They would travel west on southerly courses taking advantage of the northeast trade winds, then return using the prevailing westerlies. The easiest route out of the Caribbean was to sail north toward the passages - windward being the most west and the largest width. But during the winter months it tends to have frequent northwesterly wind. We found it, but then again, we've 15,500 horsepower to overcome it.

I've mentioned some cadet over the past week that have assumed roles in cadet leadership. Today I want to mention two groups - the Division Leaders and the Adjutants. The six Division leaders represent the three division - deck and engine. They are responsible for the accountability of the whole division, and lead work assignments when on maintenance. The deck div leaders are Samual Fowler of Fiskdale, MA, Seth Gilbert of Duxbury, and Shelagh Hogan of North Andover - Engine Craig Lohr of Mashpee, MA, Gilbert Leuze of New London, CT; Sarah Derrane of Utica, NY.

The Adjutants, a thankless job of managing watch and work assignments are Thomas Young of Longmeadow, MA, Danielle Guidry of, and Daniel DeGiso of Marlboro, MA.

All these young men and women have done a superlative job during this sea term. They never get tanked from their classmates, and certainly not the underclass - but the officers of Comcad, Deck and Engine Department know well what they do daily.

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