Monday, February 11, 2013

FTV 2/10/2013 Engine Room Lab

Today was my first day in the Engine Training Lab! I worked with the 4/C as they worked hard to finish up their assessments. Each freshmen has a green card called "4/C Checklist for MMA STCW (Standards of Training
Certifications and Watch-keeping) Assessments Sea Term 2013". It is a list of tasks that are to be completed either in the engine training lab or in the engine room during a watch cycle. Once completed, each assessment has to be signed by a 1/C Marine Engineering Training Rate. This proves that In the Training Lab, cadets are expected to: drill a blind hole using a drill machine, thread a blind hole using hand taps, and become familiar
with hand tool usage. These three assessments are acknowledged after the 4/C has created their aluminum picture frame. Even I got the chance to participate! We were given three pieces of aluminum: two sheets and one
block. After some measuring, scribing, drilling, tapping, sawing, and filing, we were able to put the pieces together with some screws and spray paint them to our liking. It was a fun way to get three assessments signed

Also in the training lab, the 4/C had to: cut and thread black iron pipe using a hand die; cut, fit and sweat solder copper pipe; cut, flare, bend, and compression fit copper tubing; measuring tool usage; cut and fit PVC
pipe; and (finally) make and test a 120 volt extension cord.The training lab has eight tables for all of the different stations necessary. It was very interesting and everything the 4/C learned today will be helpful in everyday life. It was a great work environment made possible by LTCDR Hibbert, the 2013 Engineering Cruise Coordinator. 

Everything has been very successful with LTCDR Hibbert in charge. The Engineering department is already filled to the max with 180 cadets looking forward to their maritime college careers in Marine Engineering. Soon I will be making my way into the engine room to go over the rest of the Marine Engineering Assessments. For now, I'm off to finish spray painting my frame.

Try these engine lab activities.
Electric Switches
Give me a brake

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