Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FTV 2/12/2013 The International Maritime Business Classroom

It was time to get the ball rolling and head back to class for me today. Just next to the ships library is the International Maritime Business classroom. I stopped by there to take some notes about what they're learning in class. 
First, classroom introductions were in order; each student introduced themselves, told us what sports they might have played, and what major they intend on taking. The department chairman, Dr. Bani Ghosh, is the IMBU instructor for sea term, Zach Cushman is the Regimental IMBU Operations Officer. Erin Eastman and Jordan Bonina are the other two IMBU Training Rates.
In session one, Dr. Ghosh gave us an introduction to Maritime Business One. In this class we learned about introductory concepts in economic and IMBU. She explained the meaning of supply and demand in the international trade, what is a market, and  how profit is calculated in the business world. Ms. Eastman and Mr. Bonina talked about the Panama Canal Internship, and Mr.Cushman talked about his recent experiences as an intern in a shipping company. For the remainder of the class the training rates helped freshmen working on their Microsoft Excel skills. How to use spreadsheets to analyze and present data is essential technology skill needed to be successful in today's business and technology economy.
After a long day of classes, everyone was invited to make their way to the Helo Deck for some fundraising activities. Throughout the seaterm cruise we have been holding raffles to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. So far, we have raised  $10,000. Tonight’s fund raiser will be an auction which will raise another $4,000 for the Wounded Warriors. Some of the items the cadets will bid on include exemption from Offloading ship when we pull into Buzzards Bay, and an extra day of liberty in Aruba. Other prizes will include MMA gear, a white T.S. Kennedy Officer's Boiler Suit, Pilot's Association hats, and being waited on by the captain during tomorrow's games.  I must say that I am very excited for tomorrow! 

Calculations and Summarizing Data

Often, you will need to perform calculations on your collected data in order to get the results you will need to generate a conclusion. A spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel may be a good way to perform such calculations, additionally, the spread sheet can be used to display the results. Be sure to label the rows and columns. Don’t forget to include the units of measurement (grams, centimeters, liters, etc).

Gather some data with this experiment
Use excel to make a graph

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