Thursday, February 14, 2013

FTV 2/14/2013 Ocean Salinity

I had a long day out in the sun; it was time for me to prepare some pictures for an upcoming post. Let me just say, you can certainly tell that I was wearing sunglasses all day... I look like a raccoon! Anyway, I caught some very lovely pictures of the vast ocean and some of the setting sun.

We had another routine boat drill. This time, my division was providing for the Fire and Emergency drill so I went to DC Locker #4. When I brought the muster sheet upstairs to the Nav Lab, I was able to get some great shots of the Fire Party (drill), all donned in Firefighting gear.

As I think back to our Sunday at Sea, I have to mention the huge impact that Mass Maritime's SGA (Student Government  Association) has made on this cruise. Not only has there been sufficient funding toward excursions for cadets (some prices have been brought down by 50%!) and an awesome sound system for the Kennedy's gym, but all of the equipment we have had for our enjoyment for Sunday at Sea has come from the SGA. The set up and break down of everything we used on Sunday was done by the SGA; music, the jousting equipment, the corn hole equipment, preparation for the Wounded Warrior Raffle and Auction, all done by the SGA. Since the beginning of Sea Term 2013, there has been a meeting at least once every ten days. This way, the SGA is able to keep tabs on the equipment and the best ways to "run the show behind the scenes" for Sunday at Sea.

1/C Doug Neal is the SGA President; he knows all about MMA's Student Government. Mr. Neal is able to make decisions with the SGA that coincide with MMA's strict regimental policies. He supervises the members of the SGA and brings order, and fun, to the meetings. One of those meetings was this evening. Present was 1/C Doug Neal (SGA President), 1/C Meghan Thibeault (SGA Secretary), 1/C Steve Moore (1/C President), 1/C Tom Young (SGA Sea Term Representative), 1/C Dan Sanzo (SGA Outdoors Committee Representative), 1/C Steve Buker (1/C Vice President), 1/C Dan Peterson (1/C Sea Term Representative , 1/C Alicia Tarr (Me! I'm the 1/C Social Chair), 3/C Greyson Connor (3/C Sea Term Representative), 3/C Myles Farber (Student Trustee), 3/C Mariah McGrath (3/C Secretary), 4/C Brenda Weeks (4/C Secretary), 4/C Emily Behen (4/C Social Chair), 4/C Barkley Santo- Espirito (4/C Sea Term Representative).

It's amazing how much one group of people can make such a difference. Not only on Sea Term, but during the school year the SGA plays a huge role in the lives of the cadets at MMA.

As the Kennedy spends a few days cruising to Aruba, the cadets are surrounded by the vast ocean. Try these activities to learn more about ocean water, ocean salinity and density.
Try this salinity activity
Earth's Water
Salinity and Density Lab Activity
Ocean in a bottle
Salinity Lab
Salinity Currents

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