Thursday, January 30, 2014

FTV January 30

While at sea we must have all the supplies necessary to be self sufficient, this includes supplies to provide medical services. On board the T.S. Kennedy we carry the essentials for preventative actions and emergency medical situations. The hazard cadets are the most susceptible while on board is sickness and minor cuts and scrapes. Sickness on board the ship can be very serious since the living conditions are so tight, an illness could travel throughout the ship in a matter of a couple days. Dr. Cukor, the ship’s doctor, and his medical team have preventative measures in place to prevent the breakout of an illness. This includes mandatory hand sanitization before entering the mess deck and also having hand sanitizer readily accessible for frequent use. In the
event of an outbreak the doctor will send out one of his Tiger Teams to completely disinfect the area preventing further spread. These strategies have been extremely effective in promoting good health while on board. The minor scrapes and cuts that could occur are prevented by the proper use of personal protective equipment. Safety glasses, ear plugs, hard hats, gloves and steel toe boots are some examples of the equipment used on the T.S. Kennedy.
Engineering Thursday

Thanks to the hard work of engineers we are better able to prevent illness from spreading. From rabies and polio to influenza and staph infections, many infectious diseases that once instilled widespread fear among human populations have been tamed by vaccines, for preventing disease, and drugs like antibiotics, for treating disease.  Chemical Engineers are specialists who use the engineering process to design environmentally friendly cleaning products that kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces that if touched by people

would make them sick. Additionally, chemical engineers develop ways of mass producing vaccines to ward off epidemics

A career in engineering may suit you if you:
  • like to work with cutting edge technology 
  • are creative 
  • like to solve problems 
  • like teamwork 
  • want to make things better 
  • want to help humanity
In recent years, antibacterial soaps and detergents have been introduced. In this activity, you’ll test different antibacterial soaps for their effectiveness. 

In this activity, you’ll see how an infectious disease can spread and you’ll create a plan to contain it.
Research this Superbug Activity
Investigate the Mystery: Disease Transmission

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