Monday, January 27, 2014

FTV January 27

Last night a school bus arrived at the Kennedy from the Willemstad Curacao Football Club to pick up our soccer team which was made up of cadets from our Division 3 programs. This MMA team was coached by Marine Transportation Professor Tim Brady and Professor Kris Jop. Our team was supported by a large contingent of cadets and crew who went to the stadium to lend cheering support. The 90 minute match saw MMA go ahead on a perfect goal to the upper left corner by Konnor Scarponi then Curacao FCC team tied it up with a strong kick by Goalie Joe Cohen.  MMA went ahead in the second half when the FCC goalie was caught out of position by Asa Mills who kicked a high shot that made a one-bounce goal.  I am very happy to say the MMA soccer team beat Curacao’s soccer team 2 to 1 in a very intense match. A big congratulation goes out to the young men and women who played a strong defense to bring a victory flag back to the TS Kennedy!
Today was our last day in port at Curacao, the island known for its excellent beaches and beautiful water. Originally we had planned to go to Barbados next, but a paper-work snafu has delayed our visit. Many students were disheartened by the news, but Captain Bushy is working on getting a spot for our ship in San Juan Puerto Rico. I am curious to see were our adventure will take us next but either way I’m very excited.

As we leave this Caribbean Island the sights and memories of Curacao will always remain in our hearts.

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