Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today the T.S. Kennedy awoke to the call of reveille at 0600, anxious and excited to begin on loading the ship. The Cadet Chief Mate, 1/C Jonathan Doucot and his highly skilled team of Marine Transportation Rates coordinated a detailed plan to efficiently load our voyage rations of food and supplies onto the ship. Division One, under the command of 1/C Michael Romano and 1/C Benjamin Goodrich, undertook the responsibility of executing the loading plan during our “along side” period.
Although Division One worked throughout the entire day on loading the ship, they will still have a few more days of on loading before the procedure is complete.

Meanwhile as the “Deckies” on load the ship, the Cadet Chief Engineer, 1/C Elliot Lewis, and his impressively productive Engineers, will continue to “bring up” the ship’s power plant to prepare the vessel to set sail. Along with the complicated procedures to “bring up” the ships power plant, the engineers are providing the necessities to live aboard the T.S. Kennedy such as, electricity, running water, hot water, air conditioning, and much more.

Throughout the FTV blogs, there will be new vocabulary or phrases introduced to you. These words or sayings you may not be familiar with will be enclosed in quotations, and will be explained to you in further detail under the section labeled, Definitions of the Day.

Definitions of the Day
“Along side”-This phrase refers to the period of time a ship prepares to set sail while docked.
“Deckies”-This word is commonly used when referring to students of the Marine Transportation major.
“Bring up”-This phrase refers to the period of time necessary to reach a fully operational power plant after starting the plant.

Technology Tuesday

This Pulleys and Force activity explores the concept of force and shows how pulleys are used in everyday life to make work easier. You'll learn how the Cadets use for pulleys to load the ship.

Learn more about pulleys, simple machines, force & mechanical advantage by watching this video.

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