Saturday, February 15, 2014

FTV February 15

Today was another ordinary day on board the Training Ship Kennedy. As we continue to work our way north to Miami the humidity has been decreased significantly creating amazing weather conditions. Throughout cruise the cadets on maintenance have been preparing the ship for a reception that will be held on board. To prepare for this the entire exterior of the ship
has been repainted, this is very time-consuming work but it presents the ship well.  The reception will be held our first day in port and will be used as a time for the MMA community to network and for the cadets to some networking of their own. Over the next few days a lot more work must be done to finish preparation, however, the deck department is very efficient
and will get do a great job.

Have you ever seen a piece of silver that lost its shine, or iron with reddish-colored rust on it or even holes in it caused by corrosion? This happens when oxygen (usually from the air) reacts with a metal. When oxygen reacts with a metal, it forms an oxide on the surface of the metal Iron and steel, on the other hand, have serious problems if they are not treated to prevent corrosion. The reddish oxide layer that forms on iron or steel when it reacts with oxygen is called rust. The rust layer continually flakes away, exposing more of the metal to corrosion until the metal is eventually eaten through.
One common way to protect iron is to coat it with special paint that keeps oxygen from reacting with the metal underneath the paint. Look around your house, yard, and garage for examples of corrosion and some means of protecting metal from rust.

You can find out more by trying this Corrosion Science Experiment for Kids

To learn about the rusting of Iron How Does Rust Form is another experiment.

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