Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FTV February 4

Students had a great time as their second day in port at Barbados. The excursions and events planned have gone great so far. The soccer match was the best of three games; however luck wasn’t on our side on this island. MMA lost the first one 3 to 2 in a close battle. However, the second game was not quite as good for us we lost 2 to 0. Even though we were not victorious all the Cadets involved played great and had an awesome time.

The Super Bowl party at the U.S. Marines house was a blast, they had the game displayed by a large projector on the side of their house; there was food, drinks, great company and we were grateful for their hospitality.

Students are also creating their own adventures going snorkeling, surfing and fishing. Today is our last day in Barbados we will have to make the most of it!

Technology Tuesday
Ever since human beings looked out to the sea, they have wondered what was out there. We first began to dive for food. The first sailing vessels made the world smaller and brought together many cultures that had previously remained isolated. The first crude diving bells allowed us to work underwater for extended periods of time. As ship construction techniques continued to advance, we were able to venture farther out to sea. New lands were discovered, and the world was revealed to be round. Advances in diving technology led to diving suits and the first submarines. As we began to dive deeper into the sea, we began to understand how deep the oceans really were. And in spite of the high pressures and cold temperatures, life flourished in the depths.

Follow this timeline to see how technology has allowed us to explore the ocean floor.
Learn what technological capabilities are required for the operation of deep sea submersibles with Mountains in the Sea Exploration Come On Down!
How technology helps scuba divers overcome the hazards of deep water dives.

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