Wednesday, January 28, 2015


27 January 2015

Yesterday was a beautiful day, 75 degrees, a few clouds and a southeasterly breeze. That said, I expect for most readers of this Log, their yesterday was the polar opposite. The reports we gather through email range from 20-28 inches of snow in southeastern Massachusetts with high drifts and
cold. There is always a mental battle over the “weather at home”. For some, it is playful game of “hey, it’s sunny, warm and dry”, while others are concerned over their family’s well being, inquisitive over the temperature and if power was lost. We’re out here, isolated and incapable of being of any assistance, which really is painful at times. I hope everyone is digging out of the storm and damage was minimal.

Today we are gearing up for San Juan. Once examinations are completed we’ll go into Captain’s Inspection mode, then the pre-port briefing. And we must discuss the travel day for our Group B Fourth Class.Back in Massachusetts the Academy is getting ready to receive 140 Group C fourth class on Friday after lunch. They will be briefed on the travel day, fed and tucked in early, as their flight departs Providence at 0630 on Saturday. The families of returning cadets can expect to see their cadets around 1800 in Buzzards Bay.

But before the cadets can enjoy that – they have an examination day tomorrow – mid-terms for the upper class, finals for the 4/C. The fun will have to wait.

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