Saturday, January 31, 2015


31, January 2015

The fun never ends on San Juan! The coordination of the switch-out of Fourth Class Groups B and C continues – as I receive updates from CAPT Rozak as each phase is completed. So far we have 137 at the airport ready to board, and 138 loading into buses at the airport. By 1230 we ought to have Group C aboard, and Group B winging their way towards the deep freeze north! They should land around 1630 this afternoon, while their classmates are completing a ship’s evacuation drill here.

Our efforts to help the future careers of the cadets continue even at sea! About 30 first class cadets just listened to a casual and informative talk by Mr. Miguel Dias of Crowley Maritime Corporation. A native of Puerto Rico, he has been in the maritime industry for over 30 years and wanted to explain the vast opportunities within the Crowley Corporation – from deep sea shipping and barge services, to harbor assist tugs, salvage and engineering.

Also Mr. Brian Smith (MMA 2001) of General Electric Nuclear was interviewed a select group of eleven marine engineering seniors yesterday and today down in the Enterprise Conference Room. These are primo jobs for graduating engineers, and the fact that GE comes all the way to Puerto Rico to interview in indicative of their desire to hire our engineers. And last but not least, we are all ready to support the Patriots! Patriots gear has been authorized for all non-watch personnel tomorrow!

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