Saturday, January 10, 2015

FTV Well Wishers Send Off the Kennedy

Today Friends and Family of the Mass Maritime Cadets gathered at Taylor's Point to bid a fond farewell to the crew of the T.S. Kennedy.

The cadets lined up along the ships deck in anticipation of their 13;30 (1:30 pm) planned departure.

While the well wishers cheered, took photos, and held up signs of farewell.

During the voyage remember to check the Follow the Voyage blog at
each day for updates and photos from John Albani, our Seaterm correspondent. Be sure to try some of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities and then share your results and learning on the blog post comments.

While the rest of  us are using the AM- PM time system, the cadets, will use the 24 Hour time system.  Most of the  world uses 24 hour time on a daily basis and has fully adopted this time-keeping method, those of us in America or Canada might need some extra help. After, all, we live in some of the few countries that relegate 24 time to specialized professions like healthcare, the military, aviation, meteorology, etc. If you need to interact with someone in one of these professions, chances are they will insist on using 24 hour time! After all, it is more precise and leaves no room for mistakes or ambiguity. Fortunately, you can complete your military time conversion accurately and instantly using our convenient military time converter.

Here is a tutorial to learn the military time system, and then test your new skills

The 24‐hour clock, or military time, has been used for decades in the medical field as a concise method of demonstrating time. This method begins at midnight, or 0000 hour, and runs consecutively until 2359. This method uses a special two‐digit system so a.m. and p.m. are not needed.
Military time is used to eliminate the confusion regarding time of day for medical records. In this activity you will learn how military time is used in medicine. 

This hands-on activity gives instructions to make a half hour glass that measures time just like on a naval vessel in 1812. 

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