Sunday, February 1, 2015


1 February 2015

As January expires and February begins, a new chapter in sea term history has been written. For the first, and perhaps only time, our student population has forced us to engage in two fourth class sea terms. Yesterday we discharged 137 fourth class, and signed on 138. The day was complex, but executed perfectly. All MMA campus elements were handled by LT Mike Kelley, and on board CDR Steve Kelleher. Aboard the Kennedy the whole COMCAD team contributed including the Cruise Commander, Brian Sarapas, and the six division leaders. Buses, airplanes, automobiles and ships – all in one day. Bravo Zulu to all officers and cadets!

The port of San Juan is an almost perfect port call for the cadets. The “Isla de Enchantment” has a rich history with Spanish architecture, colonial era forts, beaches everywhere, tropical rain forests and great food and entertainment. Mostly all of it within walking distance of Pier 1. And if not, buses run by and taxis line up to take you anywhere. Two more days, and we’re back to sea for nine days. But before that, a Patriots victory is hoped for.

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