Saturday, February 21, 2015

FTV Kennedy Arrives in Taylor's Point

From early morning we knew we were on our last leg of the trip. Just ahead was the Cape Cod Canal and our Campus at Taylor's Point.

All along the canal well wishers welcomed us home. 

We sighted the railroad bridge, and chugged along through the huge chunks of ice (ice in the canal really) with the help of tug boats to help break the ice and guide us in.

Amid cheers, and warm hugs the Cadets on SeaTerm 2015 arrived home.

The excitement built as the Kennedy was accompanied by ice moving Tugboats down the canal to Taylor's Point.

The Crowd gathered waiting until finally the Gangway was lowered.

First down the gangway was 4/C Mara Footit of Wilbraham, MA, selected by Cruise Commander Brian Sarapas for her tireless work on deck – especially her art work. (Of note, the Patriot’s Logo on
the Helo Deck, and the crane head).

with the winner of the Charity Fund Raiser right behind her.

One by one the Cadets climbed down the gangway into the warm welcome of family and friends

Here is their message to you.

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