Friday, February 20, 2015

FTV SeaTerm 2015 Comes to an End

This marked the last full day of SeaTerm 2015. The cadets finished up their last shipboard exams and commence field day cleaning of the vessel. All the general spaces must be cleaned and prepared for offload.
Over the past 6 weeks the cadets have learned how to live on, work on, learn on and operate a ship.

The cadets have seen sunny St. Thomas,

Historic Puerto Rico,

 and beautiful Ft. Lauderdale.

The got to take some excursions,

 Meet some new people

Bring home a championship.

Tomorrow at approximately 1105 we will be docked back up alongside the Academy. 

We will miss the weather of the Caribbean immediately upon arrival. As a senior (1/C) this will be my last voyage on board the Training Ship Kennedy. The feeling of accomplishment for any cadet who completes this difficult program is great. For a senior, the feeling is particularly bitter sweet. 

 Being a senior officer on board the ship gives you an opportunity to watch the underclass men grow and prosper as their knowledge of shipboard operations expands. The best part about this cruise for me was getting the chance to teach rather than be taught and to see what you have taught to the underclass men help them grow. Although the cruise has come to an end the memories and great times we had we will remember forever. 

Thank you for following our voyage and seeing it through to the end. We hope you learned something along the way as well. My name is first class John Albani, signing off as this years Follow the Voyage correspondent. Thank you again and have a buccaneer day.

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