Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FTV Sunday at Sea Jousting

For our second (and last) Sunday at Sea Chartwells setting up the grills first thing in the morning.
Watermelon, burgers, dogs, italian sausage, peppers & onions, pasta salad were just the beginning. By the time the sun was high in the sky, they had moved on to Bob Cobb's famous grilled pineapple. Bin upon bin of pineapples were brought out, coated in his special sauce (hint: there was brown sugar and butter involved!) they set on top of the grill tops for at least half an hour. This allowed them to become warm and extra sweet. Later in the day barbeque brisket was served and let's not forget the ice cream... remember all those 5-gal tubs of ice cream that was loaded? Well we made a dent in it this afternoon - all you can eat ice cream was a great way to end an awesome food packed day

No Beach, no problem when you live with a bunch of Engineering Cadets

The other big event besides eating was the auction and jousting tournament. Just like the raffle, at the auction cadets could bid on similar prizes with the top ones going to extra liberty, no duty obligations during arrival week, and other top prizes going to official T.S. Kennedy Boiler suits and ball caps signed by the Captain himself!
For the jousting tournament, there was an official/unofficial weigh-in (it was a real scale but we fudged the weights to make it more fun) cadets came up with humorous names, were introduced to the crowd and when the matches began even came in to individualized theme songs! The big match ups were the Cruise Commander/Cadet Chief Mate, Brian Sarapas vs the Cadet Chief Engineer, Dan Antonellis (Mr. Sarapas won!), Division 1 had a match with 1/c Levine (Deckie) vs. 1/c Cormier (Engineer)... hmmm there is a trend here. While there were many Deckies vs Engineers, cadets of all majors and classes participated.
We were even able to get in all the matches before a rain shower (downpour really) came through causing us to finish a great day. It is hard to believe that two weeks from today we will be back in Buzzards Bay.
The cadets used their engineering design skills to make a salt water sprinkler for Sunday at Sea. 
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