Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Writing a little late today, so this may not be posted until the 19th. We had a busy morning and afternoon as the ship anchored near Ile a Vache, Haiti. As many readers know we worked throughout the fall gathering donations for an orphanage and school on this small island off the southern coast of Haiti. I have never been, but I am told by our Professor Tom Lennon that it is poor as poor can be, coupled with the fact that the earthquake ten years ago created such hardship throughout the country, that growth has been nearly impossible.

Professor Lennon and his Emergency Management cadets have been involved for over two years. They go there, they help build stuff, working with the local government to make improvements. Two years ago we anchored three miles off the coast and delivered about 15 tons of stuff – including clothing, a sawmill, and well drilling equipment. But it was a treacherous delivery. So this past year,
the SeaTerm Council agreed to carry another humanitarian cargo, but to get right into the nearby Bay and offload in smoother waters.

Today we accomplished the off-load with ease, Chief Mate Mike Campbell and his deck cadets swung the cargo off with the No.2 Hatch gear in just over two hours. 15 pallets weighing about 6,500 pounds. The cargo went into relatively small open skiffs that were powered by outboard motors. I suppose less impacting to the folks on the Island however, was the official entourage that came aboard the ship to see our activities, learn about MMA, and say thank you. The Commandant of the Haiti Coast Guard, the Director of the Marine Environmental and Waterways Management, and the Mayor of Ile a Vache. They were escorted aboard by the United States Ambassador to Haiti, His Honorable Peter F. Mulrean – who we learned grew up in Milton, Massachusetts.

Everything turned out great, we gave them a light lunch of Lobster Roll – from the galley of Chef Jim Wirzburger. Gifts and ship's plaques were exchanged, photos snapped from phones, and then they were off. Our visit to Haiti lasted exactly five hours and 30 minutes – arrival to departure! Great feeling for our MMA cadets to be part of helping others, always smiling along the way.

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