Friday, January 15, 2016

FTV Engine Room

The cadets have started their first days of training. We have freshmen learning about charting and splicing in the deck department. While down in the engine room the cadet engineers are learning how to make some extension cords, metal picture frames, soldering, and the correct way to put different kinds of pipe together.

Welcome to the Engine Room 

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the word engine came from the Latin word "ingenium", meaning “natural talent.” At first the word engine meant “skill” or “cleverness.” In time the word came to be used for things that are products of human skills and cleverness—tools and machines, for example.

On the T.S. Kennedy, the engine room is considered to be the heart of the ship. From potable (drinkable) water to propulsion, the engine room is where it all happens. The engine major freshmen on sea term will spend most of their time learning about the different systems that help the ship function.

They are guided by knowledgeable sophomores who are learning from the experienced senior cadet.

Watches in the engine room are essential on sea term. The watch bills (schedules) are made by the engineering assistant who is in charge of creating the watch teams and times for the entire Seaterm.

Engine maintenance is part of the MMA hands on learning experience. Cadets are picked to do certain duties within the day. Some of the jobs include plumbing within the holds, replacing piping, repairing mechanical gears, and maintaining a clean work space.

Try some similar activities to the skills cadets learn in the Engine Lab.

Improper installation of electrical circuits could lead to facilities being damaged by fire, personal injury, or even death from electrical shock. The national electric code, as well as local electrical code should be followed at all times to prevent accidents from happening. 

Soldering is a great skill to have and while it can be easy to learn it is often a difficult skill to master. This video with demonstrate the basics of soldering then you can experiment yourself by using a soldering iron to solder various objects together.

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