Monday, January 25, 2016

FTV Panama City Day Two

  Mass Maritime Alumni Reception
Hola Everyone! 

We had another great day in Panama yesterday! There were a few excursions that everyone could do, specifically we had a large group of MMA students go to the Panamanian Maritime School and play a great game of soccer and have a barbeque.  This game was a great time to meet other Panamanian students and see some of our friends that we have not seen since our school orientation.

Agua Clara Locks
Other cadets went on a tour of a new lock that is part of the Panama Canal expansion. Last June it tested the first rolling gate at its recently filled Atlantic locks, dubbed Agua Clara Locks, positioned in the vicinity of the existing Gatun Locks. Each lock chamber has three water-saving basins, which will reuse 60 percent of the water in each transit. The gates weight on average 3,200 tons. Each gates also has buoyancy tanks that allow them to weigh 15% of their actual weight inside the water-filled new locks.  Here is a video

Also their was an eco-tour on the Panama Canal to see a closer look at  the work being done to expand the Panama Canal. On this tour we saw the many container ships, cruise ships and a variety of other vessels as they crossed the Panama Canal. From the boat you could see Rain forest animals like Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans, Crocodiles and many other species and discover the exotic flora available in the area. In the afternoon there was a canoe excursion through lake Gatun ending at a pristine water hole & cascade where you can bathe, or go fishing, swimming and kayaking. 

Panama Rain Forest Ecosystem 
Rainforest Plants
People, Animals, and Life in the Rainforest
Animals of the Rainforest

Then of course we also had students just go out and plan their own adventures. For example we had many students travel to what is called Nitro City. This is like a huge water park and dirt bike park where the students got to do all kinds of sports!

In the evening, (as pictured on top of the page) we had the 125th celebration of the school. It was a bittersweet ceremony because Captain Bushy announced that this would be his last SeaTerm. At the reception there were many Panamanian student; along with teachers, staff, and the president of the Panamanian Maritime School. We had representatives from the United States Maritime Administration (Marad), the Panama Canal Authority, along with many others from our school. It was a great second day and everyone cannot wait for what they have planned for today! Stay in the loop for a possible guest blog tomorrow!

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