Monday, February 15, 2016

CAPTAIN’S LOG – 15 February 2016

When moored in a US port we have the ability to connect for internet access, so I was able to check out the MMA website and the Follow the Voyage site. I must say that Mrs. Emery and 1/C Courtney Collins have done a tremendous job of keeping all the loved ones informed about our activities on board.  I have to give them both a Bravo Zulu, and hope they wrap it up in just as good a fashion.

Key West was a great stop. The walk to the gate was somewhat arduous, but a good cooling off period for those returning from liberty. Our hosts, the US Naval Air Station Key West – Port Operations, were wonderful to us. All the Navy personnel were both polite and firm with the cadets – which is likely how they treat their own sailors making a port visit.  I sure hope that we left a good impression because returning to Key West is on everyone’s mind.

So we start our annual trek north, riding the Gulf Stream up the Florida coast.We will encounter some pretty strong southerly winds the first half of the trip, guaranteeing rocking and rolling. We have not one, but three meteorologists from NOAA aboard this leg, and I wonder if that means we will get three times the weather?  Time will tell, but we are heading home and wind and waves may make it uncomfortable for some, but we will keep on steaming.

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