Friday, February 19, 2016

CAPTAIN’S LOG – 19 February 2016

We are almost to Cape Cod bay, probably no more than 75 miles as the crow flies – but we still have 260 miles to go around Cape Cod.  But there is no stress with the ship’s ride, or impending bad weather.  Right now it is a balmy 35 degrees, northerly force 4 wind, and clear skies.  Throughout the entire voyage north we have enjoyed pretty good weather – maybe my prediction about three NOAA
weather folks was off – maybe it was that we would get “three times as good a weather”. Perhaps.

I expect that tomorrow I will be announcing the annual Master’s Award recipients – I know the nominations are in, but a cross check of their overall behavior, something some departments do not note, has to be done before we make the selections.

I usually take moment to thank people or organizations that generously gave us help, or services during the sea term.  This year I want to start with the Panama Alumni Club.  They were instrumental in helping to establish the Bushy Panama Student Scholarship, but they also hosted an afternoon reception where all the ship’s officers were invited. We enjoyed great company, good food and drink, and the opportunity to watch our beloved Patriots slip out of the Super Bowl. But we had fun, thank you all for being our amigos!

During the voyage we were assigned Rob Niemeyer for NOAA as our on board meteorologist. Rob did so much more that interpret weather reports. He spends countless hours working with the deck cadets in preparing VOS weather reports that are transmitted back to shore side forecasters. Rob the VOS was joined by Rusty Albaral and Bob Schwartz this last leg – thanks to the NOAA hierarchy for allocated these men to the ship – we really appreciate it.

In Buzzards Bay we recognize Northeast Marine Pilots for their services in and out, McAllister towing for the push here and the pull there in docking and undocking.  The Maritime Administration for dedicated response as ship owner to both machinery and operational issues, especially Marine Surveyor Jeff Brown.

The whole gang of maritime employees – from Annie in shore-side administration, to Billy and Chuck for help before sailing, and support after. Tom and Doug Bardwell of Bardwell Electronics for last minute efforts to make use electronically seaworthy.  The group of officers from the Cape Cod Field Office of the US Coast Guard Prevention Branch and the American Bureau of Shipping for a commitment to make sure we are ready for sea.  John Dauly and Russell Stone of
Ocean Charting Services.  Donnie Spring at Sandwich Ship Supply for those last
minute deliveries of stuff we need.  They all make this trip go a little easier for the ship’s officers and crew – thank you.

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