Thursday, February 18, 2016

FTV Machine and Tool Shops

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What if something breaks that is very important and we are 300 miles away from land? Well because we have engineers on board we are able to make, for the most part, anything we need. Say we have a pipe breaks down in the engine room and we do not have a spare. On the ship we have the ability to make what we need. We have the tools and the people that know how and what to make. On the ship we have two main rooms to make parts that we do not have. One is called the machine shop. The other is called the tool shop; this one is located in the engine room for quick repairs. The machine shop is where the larger tools are kept with some materials.

Our Cadets at school take a class called machine tool technology to become familiar with the tools of machine technology. This course provides practical experience in the use of machine tools. Emphasis is on shop safety, use of measuring instruments, hand tools, horizontal band saw, drill press, screw cutting lathe, electric arc welding, oxyfuel welding, and oxyfuel cutting. Cadets have specific projects like making a pipe and other critical parts on a ship. Another cool task that our engineers learn how to do is welding. This is also done on the ship and we have the equipment to do so. Welding is very important on a steel ship because if somehow a hole were to appear in the hull we would need to fix it so the ship would not take on water.
Machine Room Essential Tool--A Lathe
A lathe is a machine tool that rotates the work-piece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation, facing, turning, with tools that are applied to the work-piece to create an object with symmetry about an axis of rotation.

Lathes are used in wood-turning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts reclamation, and glass-working. metalworking lathes can also be used to produce parts,plane surfaces and screw threads.

As you can see if we need something we cannot just drive down the street to Home Depot or Lowes. We are out own repair store and handy man.

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